About Us

We are very passionate about the products we offer as we feel that Oakdale can cater for more individual needs than other options / products on the market today.

The products we currently provide are arenas and turn out pens. We have a few ranges to cater for different budgets.

We are always looking to improve and extend our product list to aid in the daily management of horses and their individual needs.

All of our ranges are designed from extensive research, trialling and testing.

The key features of our products include

  • Planning permission not required for all arenas.
  • Excavation is not required in most cases.
  • DIY option available, cutting down costs.
  • Installation of an arena can be done in a weekend.
  • DIY option includes a full installation guide and a 24/7 helpline.
  • Full installation option available. Please call for more details.
  • Sustainable and recycled materials used.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Adaptable products. We can change the sizing and some of the materials used to suit your needs.

Pens are multipurpose and can be used for

  • Laminitics
  • Respiratory complaints
  • Rehab/recovery
  • Restricted turnout
  • Reduce field poaching
  • Over grazing etc.

Examples of work carried out are on our Facebook page!

If you feel that we can provide you with a product or service please don’t hesitate in contacting us for more information.

You can also download our leaflets for more information on both the Arena Kits and Turnout Pens!

Oakdale Arena Kits - Download
Oakdale Turnout Pens - Download
Oakdale Leaflet DL - Download